My practice and training

I have undertaken clinical and theoretical studies in Lacanian psychoanalysis through the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis and through the Freudian School of Melbourne. I have a PhD in Lacanian psychoanalysis, whiteness and literary theory from the University of Melbourne (Ashworth Program in Social Theory), a Master of Arts on the ethics of difference (Murdoch) and a Masters of Social Work (RMIT).

My writing engages with clinical and cultural questions from a psychoanalytic perspective, and includes work on gender, sexuality, postcolonialism and whiteness, and literary theory. Recent publications include ‘Queeranalyst’ in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly (, and ‘The Unpredictability of the Pounce’ in Ecritique (

I offer clinical supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, social workers and others interested in psychoanalytically oriented practice, in gender and sexuality in contemporary clinical contexts including in the clinic of psychoanalysis, as well as in the range of presentations in the contemporary clinic