Gendering Seminar

With Dr Alison Ravenscroft, I convene the seminar Gendering: A Seminar Series on Psychoanalysis and Performances of Gender.

In this seminar we situate ourselves at the nexus in contemporary life between gender, psychoanalysis and performativity, including in the clinic of psychoanalysis as well as in writing and other arts. Questions that have inspired us to initiate this seminar include: What place does the idea of gender have in psychoanalysis? What provocations do the contemporary events occurring within concepts and experiences of gender offer to psychoanalysis? What can we learn about the complexities between the terms gender, sex and sexuality? What does psychoanalysis perform in its conceptualisation and deployment of the idea of the language of the body, especially when the body in question is not hetero-(or otherwise)-normative?

If you are interested in learning more about this seminar, and our other work in this field, please contact either myself at or Alison Ravenscroft at